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Welcome fellow truth-seeker!

Is the energy around you empty? Or is it full of latent, invisible potential?

I wanted to start off this new blog by sharing a beautiful message I received during meditation. It came to me a couple years ago when I was reading and studying the principles outlined by Genevieve Behrend in her wonderful book, Your Invisible Power.

It’s one of the few books I keep close to me at all times (literally - I keep it next to my bed when I sleep and bring it with me to my desk while I work!), but I haven’t been studying it every day. Truth be told, I still haven’t read it cover to cover yet! I’ve used it mostly for inspiration and to align my mind in the morning, or throughout the day as needed.

After this blog post though, I think I’ll make it a point to read it all the way through this coming weekend during my Sunday Funday by the pool with my boo. 😊🌴

Here is the message that came through:


“The seemingly empty space that surrounds you is not actually empty. It is alive with pure potentiality. It is pulsing with the energy of creation, watching you, waiting for you, eager for you to transform it into manifest form. It is like the paint that begs to be brushed onto a canvas. It wants to express and be expressed. It wants to join with you. It wants to be given a purpose, a goal, an intention, a direction, a mission, and is unlimited in its supply. In fact, it IS supply itself; the supply of creative energy for the planet and all of life to not only sustain, but to prosper beyond measure. It is lavish, unfailing abundance - a flow of unlimited provision for all that excludes no one.

To bring this energy into manifest form, you must first practice becoming aware of its presence. Practice awareness of its presence until it no longer requires your effort, until you have fully absorbed it as knowledge, until you have transformed your mind and heart to see, feel, experience, and express abundance within and all around you everywhere you go... Practice until your mind is fully illuminated with the True, abundant nature of reality.... until you are convinced and convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt. You will become one with the Truth and witness the walls of your old paradigm dissolve before you, revealing your new, divine paradigm... the only real and solid foundation on which all of your dreams can be built... the only foundation upon which you can experience real and lasting success... success that is even perhaps beyond your current level of understanding.

In order for you to receive and experience the many great things you desire, your energetic set point (the vibrational frequency that is emanating from you every day) must consistently match the frequency of the great things you desire. You will notice that you will not be able to receive them unless you raise your frequency to match their frequency. Becoming aware of the infinite, abundant supply of energy and prosperity that is all around you, teeming with life and possibility is the path that will take you there. So practice your awareness of its presence every day. Talk to it. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Become one with it. Breathe it in and live in perpetual gratitude for its presence and it will carry you straight to the manifestation of your heart’s grandest dreams, goals and desires.”


What do you think about this message? Does it illuminate your mind and heart as much as it has mine? If so, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Big Love,

Amber 🧚💕

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