Spiritual Artist Spotlight: Laura Diehl

Screenshot of  Laura Diehl’s website  home page.

Screenshot of Laura Diehl’s website home page.


Today I wanted to try something new on the blog that I’d like to do on a regular basis: Spotlight all of the amazing artists I’m finding on Instagram!

I was off of social media for a while and am slowly getting myself back into it. I’ve always found social media a bit of a challenge because I haven’t been clear on who I am and what my voice is, you know?

I also dealt with quite a bit of fear about what people would think or say about me if I started to really show my true colors and talk about the things that light me up inside.

Instagram is especially challenging for me because it’s heavily based on images vs authentic connection (imho of course) and a lot of it either feels fake or like it was specifically designed to hook our attention through the “shock and awe” factor.

Being someone who has completely weaned herself off of mainstream news and any other form of media that is energetically polluting the planet, I am super sensitive to when I see things like that.

A lot of people aren’t though. They are completely numb and desensitized to this. Their thoughts, emotions, and quality of life are being manipulated and they are totally unaware of it.

So for me, now that I’m getting back on social, and back on Instagram, I’m cleaning and clearing house! I deleted a bunch of people in my Facebook friends list and unfollowed a bunch of people on Instagram as well.

I keep my circle as pure and high-vibe as possible in the physical world, so why wasn’t I doing the same in the virtual world?

From here on out, I’m only friending and following people that are in alignment with who I am at my core. No more compromising. No more trying to “be open to everyone because we’re all at different stages of soul and spiritual growth” etc.

I have beautiful work to do on this planet and in order to do so to the best of my ability, I need to be surrounded by people and experiences that are inspiring, nurturing, nourishing, empowering, and healing in some way, shape or form.

That’s why I started intentionally looking for artists during my recent Instagram clearing and how I came across this incredible artist named Laura Diehl!

I think I did a hashtag search for “spiritual artist” and one of her posts was at the top.

Friends - OMGOODNESS!! As soon as I pulled up her post, I felt an inner spark and an incredibly warm sensation all throughout my being. Talk about high-vibrational soul-nourishment!

I was so moved by her work that I followed her on all of the social media channels and of course, commented on her post telling her how much I adored her work. She posted a very kind reply. It was such a nice moment.

Here is a screenshot of my favorite piece of hers, although it’s hard to choose a favorite because they truly are all SO lovely:

Detail image from  Poppy Lullaby  by Artist & Storyteller, Laura Diehl

Detail image from Poppy Lullaby by Artist & Storyteller, Laura Diehl

She even creates gifs out of some of them like this one (you have to click and open in Insta to see the gif!)

From  Starfish Shore  by Artist & Storyteller, Laura Diehl

From Starfish Shore by Artist & Storyteller, Laura Diehl

Here is a little bit about Laura, taken from the bio on her website:

“Laura Diehl is a freelance fantasy illustrator and visual storyteller who specializes in children’s and middle grade fantasy art.

Laura has been an illustrator since 2003, working with clients such as: Routledge, Continuum New York, Pearson Education, David Fulton, and Mattel. Her artwork has appeared on numerous books covers, in magazines, and even an iPad game. Additionally, her artwork has been juried into Spectrum, New Master of Fantasy, won the Illustrators of the Future Grand Prize, and was nominated for a Chesley.

All of Laura’s images are hand-painted digitally using a Wacom Intuos and Photoshop. Her work is known for its magical color, glowing light sources, and a touch (or perhaps a fat dollop) of the fantastical. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from James Madison University. Her personal art focuses on the whimsical with many of her paintings inspired by original fairytales that she has dreamed up.”

If her artwork lights you up anything like it does for me, be sure to check out her Etsy Shop, her gorgeous website, and follow her on IG!

Are you or do you know an artist you’d like me to do a spotlight on? Comment below and let me know!

Big Love,

Amber 🧚💕