My Personal Healing Story

Photo by  Akira Hojo  on  Unsplash

Photo by Akira Hojo on Unsplash


Intuition + Visualization = Divine Restoration

Today I wanted to share with you my own personal story of healing. It was published in a book a few years ago, and I wanted to share it with you here as well. My wish is that it serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to connect with me in the comments.

My Healing Story

Back in 2006, I was living the ideal life according to what I believed were society’s standards. I had everything I was “supposed” to have. I finished college, got married, bought a home, had a stable job, yet I wasn’t truly happy.

I wasn’t working in the field I had my degree in - I was doing Medical Billing, which paid the bills, but I was miserable doing it. I felt like an automaton, a robot mindlessly processing medical claims day after day.

One of the things I dreaded the most was having to bill people with no insurance and who I knew couldn’t afford to pay, meanwhile seeing all of the insurance companies getting a steep discount or denying a claim and not paying at all. It was heartbreaking and gave me a sick feeling in my stomach every time because it was so unjust.

I was also suffering from debilitating migraines at the time.

They would be so painful that I would have to stop whatever I was doing, close all of the blinds, and lay down in bed for hours. I took over the counter pain medicine so frequently, that it eventually stopped working and I had to start seeing a neurologist. He put me on prescription medication, which worked amazingly well, but something inside of me always felt uncomfortable taking it. I was scared of the possible side effects, and knew that I didn’t want to be on it for the rest of my life, but I felt stuck - like I had no other choice.

Day after day, I was waking up feeling miserable and disconnected from life. I didn’t want to get out of bed. There was a constant feeling of emptiness and unfulfillment within me. At this point I felt like I was just existing, and in frequent emotional and physical pain.

One day, I reached my limit. I couldn’t bear living like that anymore - pretending to be happy, suffering physically, and settling for a mediocre life. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I decided that if I was going to live, I was going to live fully and not just exist anymore. A conviction rose up from within me saying, “There HAS to be more to life! This can’t be all that there is!”

I began fervently asking God for guidance on what I should do; how I could change my life. Then, one day, while on a break outside at work, something happened that would change the course of my life forever.

While I sat there in the sunshine by the canal, feeding the ducks and turtles, I heard a voice say to me very clearly, “You are in the wrong life.”

This voice was not outside of me, it was inside of me, yet it wasn’t my own voice.

I was startled at first, but somehow knew this answer was in response to my requests for guidance and direction. After pausing a moment to take in what just happened, I said, “Ok. If I’m in the wrong life, show me the right one.”

In the days and weeks that followed, I was led to one resource after another in the form of teachers, authors, books, and even t.v. programs. One afternoon, I was doing exercises from Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”

I was tuning into my body, specifically on the topic of the migraines I was experiencing, when I had a profound revelation. My migraines were being caused by the pressure I was putting on myself to please other people! I was creating the life I thought they wanted me to have! Then I saw a vision in my head of me “painting my life” on a canvas in an elaborate gold frame and showing it to other people.

With just this one simple revelation, the migraines began to lessen.

Around this same time, my boss was going on vacation for a week and I was supposed to cover the office and handle everything while he was gone. However, I started feeling like I was getting a sore throat. I panicked and went to the doctor immediately. There was no one else to cover for me, so I feared that if I got sick and couldn’t go to work, my boss would have to cancel his vacation. The doctor gave me an antibiotic that I had never taken before. I thought nothing of it though. I completely trusted him and took the antibiotics as prescribed.

About a week later, I was visiting my family in Sebastian, Florida - a couple hours north of Fort Lauderdale, where I resided. All of a sudden, I started having digestive problems. I thought it was probably something I ate, so I began taking over-the-counter medication to counteract the symptoms I was experiencing.

They got progressively worse, and I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating abdominal pain. They would pass, only to return in waves an hour or so later. This happened multiple times. I prayed to God and my angels for help and got on the computer, desperately searching for what could be happening to me. I came across a bacterial infection called “C. Diff,” short for “Clostridium Difficile.”

As soon as I saw those two words, I intuitively knew that was it.

All of the articles I read said it was rare for someone my age and usually only occurred after being in a hospital, which I hadn’t, but it was one of the strongest intuitive feelings I ever had in my life. I knew that was it.

The articles said it could lead to a hole in the intestines, which could be fatal if not treated right away, so my grandmother rushed me to the emergency room immediately. At 28 years old, I had visited other people in the hospital many times, but never been the patient.

As I sat in the waiting room, explaining my symptoms and getting my blood drawn, the pains became almost unbearable. I pleaded with the doctor to test me for C.Diff, but he refused. He said I was too young, and since I had not been in a hospital recently, it likely wasn’t the case. He ordered x-rays and an abdominal scan to rule out any other possible causes.

As I laid on the table in the cold, dim room, preparing for the abdominal scan, I began talking to my angels in my mind. This was a new experience for me; something I just started practicing, after reading and listening to the works of Doreen Virtue. I tuned into them and could feel their presence all around me.

In my mind’s eye, I could especially see two very large angels hovering over me, one on my left and one my right.

They looked like big, sparkling gold, transparent figures. A wave of peace washed over me, and I knew it was them, comforting me.

After the abdominal scan, I was brought to a private hospital room to wait for my results. The waves of excruciating pain continued, getting worse each time. Once again, I pleaded with the doctor to test me for C.Diff. He finally agreed.

As I laid down to await the results, I closed my eyes and started praying to my angels again. This time, not only did I intuitively sense their presence, but the hospital bed I was laying in began to move. It’s kind of hard to put into words. The best way I can describe it is to say it felt like people were gently rocking the bed from left to right, the way you might comfort and rock a baby. Then, a warm, loving sensation began to flow all around and within me. A few moments later, my mom came back in the room, as well as the doctor, who gave me the news I already knew - it was C.Diff.

The doctor gave me a prescription for another antibiotic, and advised me to follow up with a gastroenterologist once I got back home. About a week later, I visited with a doctor that was recommended to me by a friend. He was one of the top gastroenterologists in the area and had a very good reputation.

During my consultation, however, he gave me a bleak prognosis, saying that I would probably never have normal, healthy digestion ever again. I absolutely refused to accept that, and left his office bound and determined to be completely healed, no matter what it took.

Once I got home, I continued to take the antibiotic I was prescribed. I also began looking up holistic remedies for digestive health and practicing creative visualization, which I had been learning from Shakti Gawain‘s book of the same name.

After a month or so, my digestion was completely healed. Now, I’m sure the medication and holistic remedies played a part, but I truly believe creative visualization is what brought my healing into full manifestation. I practiced it at least three times a day, and would invoke such strong emotion that I would be crying tears of joy and gratitude for my total and complete healing.

In fact, it worked so well that I began practicing it for other things, including clearing up my acne-ridden skin. I suffered from moderate to severe acne for more than 14 years at that point, with off-and-on success from dermatologists.

Without changing anything else in my skin care routine, I completely cleared and healed my skin within three weeks by practicing creative visualization.

I did it in the same way - three times a day, visualizing my skin smooth as a baby’s, to the point where I would cry with gratitude.

Over the years, I continued practicing these techniques and studying everything I could on the topics of spirituality and personal growth and development. I have had numerous “Aha!” moments and experiences of divine revelation, specifically through meditation. These experiences opened my eyes to the reality of our true essence as spiritual beings who are temporarily inhabiting physical bodies.

I have also learned first-hand the powerful role our thoughts play in affecting our physical world, and that our bodies are our best friends. They are the keepers of our soul, and will speak to us whenever something is out of alignment with our divine life path and not for our highest good.

I know now that when my body starts speaking to me through symptoms, it means I have ignored something too long and my body is trying desperately to get my attention. I have since developed the habit of checking in with my body frequently throughout the day, and I also practice a few other techniques to keep the communication flowing.

Although those experiences were scary, they taught me some of the biggest lessons of my life.

I absolutely would not be who I am today without them. It was like I called out to God and the Universe for help, and they said, “Ok, you want the truth? You’ve got to get rid of this, and this, and that… because those things that are not for your highest good are taking up space in your life, and the goodness you desire cannot flow in until they are gone.”

The life I was living back then is completely unrecognizable compared the life I am living now. In all sincerity, some of the changes I had to make were extremely difficult. They were some of the hardest decisions of my life. Yet, at the same time, they were the most important as well. Since then, I say with tremendous gratitude, my digestion is healthy, my skin has stayed clear, and migraines are no longer a part of my life. My life is also more authentic and fulfilling than I could ever previously had imagined.

I hope my story inspired or encouraged you in some way. Do you have a healing story of your own? Share it in the comments below!

Big Love,

Amber 🧚💕

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