Shift Your Attention, Shift Your Energy


Self-Mastery Reminder of the Day: Energy flows where attention goes.

Whatever you are directing your attention to in your life right now, is what's growing.

It doesn't matter if what you're paying attention to is something you like or not. If you're thinking about it, you are sending energy to it, and in turn, it is growing in your life.

Today, try to notice what you're thinking about, and then remember that you are watering it and giving it all kinds of sunshine through your attention to it.

If you like what you're thinking about - if it feels good and helpful to your life, keep doing it.

However, if it feels icky, if what you're thinking about makes you feel bad and is not helpful to your life, drop those thoughts ASAP and choose new, beautiful thoughts instead.

Say you’re facing a problem right now and you notice the majority of thoughts you’re having about it are negatively focused (i.e. worrying or self-defeating thoughts). What you can do is try zooming out and shifting your perspective.

Let go of whatever negative pattern of thought is building, and consciously, intentionally choose a new pattern and set of thoughts that you will use in place of the negative thoughts.

For example:

“This is bad. Why is this happening to me?”

Can become…

“Ok. This might seem bad on the surface, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s happening for me, to help me learn and grow. What am I learning through this experience right now?”

Just that one simple practice, repeated over and over again can completely shift things for you. If you pay attention to how you feel inside while doing the above practice, you may notice that you also shift from a feeling of contraction to a feeling of expansion.

Your vibration around the situation will have raised, which will not only help you to feel better emotionally, you may also notice that you start receiving ideas to solutions for the “problem” you are facing.

This is because every problem has a divine solution (multiple divine solutions, actually) and a key way to access those solutions is to raise your vibration.

The practice above is one of the most powerful ways to do so, because you are facing the situation directly. You are not putting a happy face sticker over it, ignoring it, and escaping into something else to try and raise your vibration… only to return to reality once the temporary distracting pleasure wears off and you are once again at a vibrational low point facing the same problem and the same negative thoughts about it!

So, pay attention to your thoughts. Notice the negative ones. Consciously choose new, better thoughts that serve your highest good. If that’s too hard for you at first, then simply try focusing on what you want, think about things that you love, send good wishes to your friends or family... anything to help refocus your attention in a positive direction. Then, slowly work to trying the thought shift practice above.

Did you try today’s practice? If so, comment below and let me know what your experience was like. I’d love to hear.

Big Love,

Amber 🧚💕