Are you blocking your good? If so, here's what to do...


Hey there fellow truth-seeker!

Today I wanted to touch on one of the ways you might be unconsciously blocking your own good - or should I say, blocking yourself from receiving your own good. Of course, I can write about this because I’m speaking from experience!

In fact, what I’m about to share with you is something I check in with myself about on a regular basis. It’s not like a once-and-done kinda thing. You have to keep checking in with yourself about it and actively keep yourself open to receiving. But right now you might be thinking…

How do you even know you’re blocking your own good?

Well, have you ever felt like there’s a big wall between you and the rest of the world? That wall is probably there because - brace yourself - you put it there… maybe not consciously though.

You might have closed up in response to a painful emotional experience, or even a series of experiences. Sometimes, closing up is a very necessary and helpful thing to do in order to cope with life. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, or just feeling overwhelmed, it can really help to unplug from the world for a little bit and have a mini-retreat.

It can help you to slow down, release stress, and get back in touch with yourself. The problem, or the imbalance, occurs when you stay there too long. When you stay closed-off longer than necessary, you risk missing out on so many of life’s gifts which would easily be received if you could just shift your mindset and open your heart center again.

When you shift your mindset and open your heart center, you also shift your outlook on life and your overall state of being and mode of interacting with the world around you.

So how are you feeling right now, open or closed?

If you’re not sure, one way to see if you are open or closed to life is to observe how you feel when you walk out of your front door and into the world. The next time you do, try pausing for a moment, seeing how you feel and what you normally do.

Do you take a deep breath and smile? Do you look up at the sky? Or do you lock your door, look down, and walk as quickly as you can to your car, praying your neighbors don’t see you?

If you’re somewhere in the middle, or you’re still not quite sure, try observing how you are in your interactions with other people. For example, if you smile at people you pass on the street or while shopping at the grocery store, then you’re probably open right now. If you’re constantly turning down invitations from family, friends, or coworkers (that you actually like and usually enjoy being with) you’re probably closed-off right now. So, what’s the big deal about being closed-off? Why does it matter?

When you’re closed-off, you’re not only closing yourself off from the things you don’t want; you’re also closing yourself off from the things you do want.

No matter how bad you might feel on any given day, the truth is that underneath that temporary emotion, you still want things; more specifically, you want to be happy. It’s what everyone wants, ultimately.

And regardless of the thing or experience you want, the reason you want it is because you believe you will feel happy as a result of having or experiencing it.

All of those happy things and experiences you’re calling out for are being sent your way every day. But, if you’re not open energetically, you’re probably not going to recognize them when they show up for you, and hence, won’t be able to receive them.

That’s because often times, the things you ask for don’t come to you in the form you’re expecting. In fact, sometimes they come in quite the opposite form, a.k.a. “a blessing in disguise.”

For example, say you’re invited to a gallery opening for a local abstract artist. However, abstract art is not your thing, so you automatically decline the invitation. But, if you went, you would have met a woman who has the perfect solution to a problem you’ve been needing some serious help with.


Now, I’m not saying you have to be open to every invitation you get and say yes to everyone who asks you to do something. The idea is to just be a little more conscious of when you might be closing yourself off from opportunities that could really benefit you.

Instead of automatically saying “No” when you get an invitation to go somewhere you normally wouldn’t go, take some time to think about it or feel it out. Your rational mind might be saying “No” while your intuition, that feeling inside you can’t quite explain, is saying “Yes.”

If you feel that inner voice telling you to go, even if it doesn’t make logical sense, go. Trust it. Take a chance and allow yourself to be open to where life might be trying to guide you and bless you with what you’ve been asking for.

What do you think about this post? Have you ever noticed you felt closed and been able to shift out of it and be open again? If so, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Big Love,

Amber 🧚💕