5-Minute Mind-Body Reset Meditation


Within you resides the greatest power of the Universe . . .

The same energy that created the planets 🌍 and the stars ✨ is living in and through you every day.

The question is, are you aware of this power?

Can you feel it?

Are you living in communion with it?

Have you felt its Love ❤️ for you?

Its presence is quiet, and it will not chase you down trying to get your attention. However, if you start to make time for it, you will begin to hear it. You will begin to feel it. You will begin to experience it in such a profound way, you will wonder how you ever lived without having a conscious relationship with it.

It is waiting for you. It has the answer to all of your problems, all of your questions. The Love 💗 it has for you will calm your mind and nourish your soul.

Today, give yourself the gift 🎁 of connecting with this power by doing the quick meditation below.

5-Minute Mind-Body Reset Meditation

Start by focusing on your breath.

Breathe deeply into your belly.

Focus on your heartbeat. 💓

Focus on what it feels like to be in your body.

Notice this presence that is keeping you alive.

Imagine it as a light within you, 🌟 and allow the light to radiate out from your core, 360 degrees - in all directions.

Let it take with it any cares, worries, or concerns you might have right now as it shines forth.

For these few moments, allow yourself to just let go, relax, and just be.

All you have to do right now is simply breathe and allow the light to do the work.

Allow it to clear you and reset your vibrational offering.

Now, bring your attention back to your heart center and your solar plexus.

Notice if you feel any different than you did before you started.

Continue practicing for a few more moments if you’d like. When you’re ready to move on with your day, try to bring this present mind-body awareness with you everywhere you go.

You can even make it a game with yourself to see how long you can maintain this state of being, and set timers on your phone to remind you to practice.

If you tried today’s meditation, comment below and let me know what your experience was like. I’d love to hear.

Big Love,

Amber 🧚💕